Kevin and Katherine Bubna live and minister in Lichinga, Mozambique, in the most northern province, Niassa, where over 90% of the people are Muslim. We minister primarily to the Yao and Makua tribes spread out over two provinces and several districts.  Known as  Great Harvest International Ministries, GHIM is all about disciples making disciples.  We realized years ago that the best way to reach Africans is through Africans.  They know the culture, they know the languages, and our team of evangelists know how to develop relationships and start Discovery Bible Studies in village after village where the Gospel has never reached.  Our vision is far reaching but simple and doable with God’s help: A church for every village.

To do this we are committed to multiplying disciples and creating a self-supporting indigenous team of leaders whom we will continually disciple until the vision is accomplished or Jesus comes. To initiate the potential for self-sustaining Christian communities in a poor nation where most villagers simply have a piece of land granted by their government, but often lack seeds and farm tools, donations to subsistence categories of MVI are the impetus to long-lasting potentially perpetual aid, as the discipleship groups cultivate fields along with their spiritual growth.

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