Jaco and Inge le Roux, with their two boys, Ernan & Lander have been serving full time in Mozambique since 2012.  Out of God’s passion for Mozambique, Seed to the Sower ministry (S2S) was birthed. S2S identifies, trains and equips Church leaders to launch discipleship movements outside the church building.  By using a fixed curriculum, they specifically wrote for Mozambique, we are challenging the Church of God to have an outward focus.

Additionally, God has also blessed Jaco and Inge with a gifting that enables them to start opportunities that can help uplift and sustain churches, communities, and the country in the long term.  “Negócios do Reino Lda” (Kingdom Business) was formed to use farming projects or business opportunities to fulfill this calling.  Currently, they are producing coconut oil and exporting both oil and fresh coconuts as a means to support this ministry and communities.

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