Cathy Solo

Cathy Potter currently serves in South Africa in an area that has one of the highest HIV AIDS, unemployment, and poverty rates in South Africa. She works in three different Township schools teaching a reading program called ‘Neema’ (developed by teachers for the African context) which is aimed at second language speakers. She has helped two local churches launch the program in their areas and am in discussions with another church. She and her team are currently going into the schools every week to teach and to help them with their volunteers. This is a wonderful opportunity to mobilize the local church family to serve in very poor communities and to show the love of God through education. There is a tremendous freedom in this country at this point to share our faith with teachers and learners alike.

In addition, she runs sewing and business skills classes in the Zulu township of Embo with the help of some amazing volunteers. The ladies come not just to learn a skill but to get to know Jesus and understand His love and plans for them as Zulu women living in Embo Valley!

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