Boris and Beth Ramirez

Boris and Beth Ramirez spent 27 years in San Cristobal Verapaz in the highlands of Guatemala, translating the New Testament for a Mayan people group called the Pokomchi. In 2012, they dedicated their precious work and also  joined MVI and seek to encourage, equip, and empower  believers in Guatemala and the United States to live the Gospel  relevantly in a globalized world.   Boris, born and raised in Guatemala City, is a dissertation away from his PhD in the sociology of religion, and is also certified as a chaplain.  Beth was born in Philadelphia but has lived most of her life outside the United States, and is passionate about helping women in both Guatemala and the U.S. find fulfillment in their walk with Christ.

Boris and Beth, who presently reside in Harrisburg, PA, are the grateful parents of eleven children, all born in Guatemala except one, and currently have three grandchildren.

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