Chan Weng Seng

Chan Weng Seng has been working with Missionary Ventures as a field coordinator in Malaysia for over 10 years now. Prior to this, he was a high school biology teacher for 32 years. He a first generation christian, born again more than fifty years ago. What an enriching journey of faith, grace and love with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit it has been as as he matures as a believer, disciple and servant to friend and son of God.

When not hosting Missionary Ventures and non-MV teams from abroad, he is busy extending God’s kingdom in Asia by equipping, empowering and encouraging the saints in Asian churches for ministry. The five core values he models are commitment, consistency, competence, character and caring. Additionally, in ministry he is intentional about prioritizing faith, family, friends, finance, fitness, fun, fruits and fathering, in order to demonstrate Christian values to those around him.

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