From the time Daniel and Rachael met and got married they have lived in three different countries (China, the United States and Dominican Republic). They married in 2017 and sensing God moving them to return overseas for ministry they moved to the Dominican Republic in 2018. Daniel has served in ministry through his home church and short term mission trips. Since being in the Dominican Republic, Daniel obeyed God’s prompting and joined other men in prisoner outreach, prison guard outreach, and teaching boys in the public schools about Christ-like manhood. Rachael has a passion for international Christian school education. Previously, she spent 18 years teaching in a Christian school in China. She currently uses her gifting to serve as the high school principal at Christian school in the Dominican Republic, where the majority of the students are not practicing Christians. Daniel and Rachael desire to share the love of God cross-culturally and are serving in the Dominican Republic through Missionary Ventures.

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