Do you feel called to serve a certain nation? Is there a specific ministry that speaks to your heart? Take a look at the countries, their missionaries, and their service opportunities with MVI that accept teams and individuals to take part in the Great Commission.


Truly a cultural melting pot, Belize is a country that offers so much diversity in more areas than one. The country may have a multitude of cultures and languages, but everything blends together in a mixture that is one of a kind. Serving in Belize reflects this, as you will work in ministries where the resounding theme is to strengthen community. All while working with missionaries that want nothing more than to raise disciples from the Belizean people and also encourage you. If the natural landscape of Belize doesn’t leave you in awe, the vision of what God is doing in this country will.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its expression “Pura Vida” (Pure Life). It is distinguished by the kindness and warmth of its people. Costa Rica is a small country located in Central America, but full of a rich bio-diversity, with lush mountains, rivers, volcanoes, beautiful beaches and abundant fauna. It is a country you must experience for yourself. Come be a part of how God is moving in Costa Rica. You will never be the same.

Dominican Republic

The beaches, deserts, and rainforests of the Dominican Republic may be alluring, but they hardly rival the passion and energy of the country’s people. Rooted deeply in Latin American culture, their patriotism, love for family, and vibrancy for life, makes the Dominican Republic such a fun place to serve. It is no longer considered a 3rd world country, but the poverty within this nation provides excellent opportunities for you to work alongside seasoned missionaries in community development in the name of Jesus Christ. Pastoral support and outreach ministries are critical here. Nothing is better than spreading the Gospel, but doing it in the Dominican Republic is a unique experience you need to see for yourself.


Overflowing with an incredible amount of biodiversity and historical charm, Ecuador is a very special place to come serve in missions. The country is geographically divided by Andean mountains, dense rainforests, and fruitful coastal regions but the culture is a beautiful entanglement of indigenous roots and Spanish influence. It may be tiny by South American standards, but Ecuador lacks nothing in the way of natural sights and spiritual ones as you witness all that God is doing in this country. Join alongside missionaries that desire nothing more than to build up disciples and see the people of Ecuador shine the light of Christ in their villages and cities. Come serve in a nation whose natural beauty will leave you speechless and you’ll realize that it isn’t even a fraction of the glory of God’s Kingdom.

El Salvador

Being the smallest country in Central America, El Salvador proves that big things do come in little packages. Serving here provides such a rewarding mission experience as the main ministry opportunities are centered around bettering the lives of children and direct community engagement. Education is also an incredible portion of the ministry work done here. El Salvador has a very relationship-oriented culture where socializing is a priority, making this country such a fun place to come and share the love of Christ. If working with youth is your passion, or you just want to experience what God can make of the smallest things, El Salvador is waiting for you.


Steeped in Mayan myth and heritage, the beautifully diverse country of Guatemala is an amazing place to come and serve.  While ministering in Guatemala, find what makes your heart beat as you work in various ministries including construction, evangelism, medical care, working with youth, and much more. Alongside seasoned missionaries, get involved in what the Lord is doing with His Church in this country where the old and new world converge.


Although not rich by this world’s standards, what Honduras lacks in financial resources, it makes up for with a beautiful country filled with a rich culture. Meeting the needs of the people of Honduras takes many forms including working with feeding centers, assisting with construction needs, evangelism, as well as reaching out to the needy. Come serve in a country whose people make you feel so welcome with their exceptionally strong sense of community as you spread the love and joy of Christ in their areas. The need in Honduras may be great, but the impact that the country makes is greater. It is an experience of a lifetime.


From its snow-capped mountains to its sweeping plains, Kenya is a country that doesn’t disappoint in any capacity. Teeming with safari wildlife and a people immersed in tribal culture, serving in this nation leaves an impact that is permanent. Join alongside missionaries whose heart is to partner with local churches and start community centers that address a wide variety of needs. The country has over 40 ethnic groups that make Kenya a great place to dive into God’s work, spreading the love of Jesus.

Marshall Islands

Planted in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, serving in the Marshall Islands is an incredibly unique experience. They exist as two parallel chains that comprise 1,152 scattered islands and atolls, all of which could benefit immensely from hearing about the love and joy found in Jesus. Work alongside missionaries here who are involved in many ministries such as youth, evangelism, and pastoral support, to name a few. The Marshall Islands may be separated geographically, but through your partnership in missionary work, help these people become unified in Christ more and more each day.


Being that Mozambique is a rather unexplored country, this leaves much for you to discover. Found on the southeast coast of Africa, this nation is mostly known for its subtropical climate and its gorgeous Indian Ocean beaches. We invite you to explore Mozambique through the lens of God’s Kingdom. Get to know the precious people and bring the much needed news of the Gospel. Teams are in great demand so the country’s 60 different ethnic groups can hear the name of Jesus Christ. Will you step up to the challenge?


Similar to the volcanoes it’s known for, Nicaragua is a country erupting with potential for an incredible experience in missions. As the largest country in Central America, there are many different ministries to get involved in on a trip here, especially in medical care and programs that provide the people of Nicaragua with everyday needs. Observe a culture that is recognized for its warmth and hospitality as you administer the love of Christ.


Nestled between Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia, Paraguay is country that frequently gets overlooked. Although not bustling with foot-traffic, there is no lack of  natural beauty or the opportunity to have an unforgettable mission experience within its colonial cities that almost feel frozen in time. In addition, Paraguay is also known for its many indigenous tribes that are spread across its biologically diverse landscape. It may be relatively passed by in the world of tourism, but from the view of God’s Kingdom, Paraguay is a place to come serve that has always been in sight.


There are very few countries where the ancient and modern worlds fuse so beautifully, and Peru is one of them. Whether you are ministering in the jungles of the Amazon or in the bustling urban city of Lima, Peru offers a truly captivating experience that is impossible to forget. Incredibly proud of their pre-Hispanic origins, the people of Peru make a lasting impression with the dedication to their culture and their willingness to hear about the love of Jesus. Spread the Gospel in a variety of ways including holistic ministries, working with youth, construction, medical care, and more. Come witness what God is doing in Peru. You’ll be left in awe.


The Philippines can be described as a region where “Europe and Asia collide” due to its rich history of inhabitants. Across its 11 occupied islands, this rich cultural history is very apparent as you serve a people who are very polite, friendly, and incredibly family oriented. Mission opportunities in the Philippines take on many forms. This includes evangelism, work in tribal mission, leadership enhancement programs, and disaster relief. It’s not everyday that you get to experience all that God is doing in the world’s second largest island chain. There may be many different pieces, but the Philippines may be the place where it all comes together for you. Find out for yourself.

South Africa

Once aching from the pain and sorrow of apartheid, South Africa is a nation that has truly come out on the other side. The inspiring blend of over a dozen native tribes with people from European and Indian cultures makes South Africa one of the most ethnically diverse countries on the entire continent. The missionaries you will work with want nothing more than you to see what God is doing with this place and these people, especially since a lot of the work done is with children. Come serve in South Africa where the opportunities to minister and grow are even more vast than the land. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.


Out of all the places to come and share the love of Jesus, few are as precious as “The Pearl of Africa”. Uganda is a beautiful country, rooted deeply in tradition with a people that are incredibly proud of their cultural heritage. With so much emphasis placed on the importance of family, community, and church relationships, serving in Uganda is a rewarding experience. See all the ways that God is moving here through ministries that involve you in community development, school outreach, evangelism, and leadership training. It is an experience of a lifetime!


Teeming with untamed wilderness and exhilarating wildlife, Zambia is a country known for “the smoke that thunders”, or Victoria Falls. Comprised of approximately 72 different ethnic groups, Zambia is also a country overflowing with opportunity to spread the love of Jesus. Each of these tribes takes great pride in their cultural and spiritual traditions, which can only truly be appreciated in person. The experience of serving in a nation with so many tribes, but with surprising unity, allows you to witness such a small glimpse of how God’s Kingdom works. Come have a part in established ministries here that are making huge triumphs for His glory. Zambia offers a mission experience you certainly won’t forget.