Restoration House works with the local government to remove children from dangerous situations like severely abusive homes, situations of abandonment, situations of child trafficking and sexual abuse.

The children stay at Restoration House in a Christian environment and our hope is always that they can heal and experience God’s love. Our purpose is not solely that they be fed, housed and sent to school. We desire that they begin the process of healing in order to have a better chance of success in light of the trauma through which they’ve endured.

It is also our goal that every child has a family. While we want to give each child the best and most loving family style experience while they are with us, we understand that God created families and children thrive and learn best in family units. Therefore we seek to work with any safe and healthy family member that each child has with the ultimate goal of reunification. If there are no possible family members then we either look to adoption or potential foster care. When they are placed in these homes we visit them regularly to make sure they are being cared for in a healthy way.

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