Missionary Ventures Transportation Program

Through this program Missionary Ventures mobilizes deserving national leaders in the work of the ministry by providing much needed transportation.

We seek to increase the mobility and ministry effectiveness of key Christian leaders around the world by providing transportation, primarily motorcycles.  The exponential impact of mobilizing national leadership to do the work of ministry more quickly and effectively cannot be over stated!

We are grateful to God for the Christian Motorcyclists Association and their partnership with MVI in the spread of the Gospel in the world.

Every year we receive more applications than we can grant and do our best to prayerfully and strategically make decisions that will maximize the impact of this program for the Kingdom of God.  Only applications submitted by a member of the Missionary Ventures family or a verifiable source will be considered.  In most cases the person submitting the application is not the final recipient.

Please carefully review the following guidelines.  We take our reporting requirements seriously.  By submitting an application for our review there is an expectation that you will assist us in obtaining the reporting items from the final recipient, if the motorcycle were approved.


Application for Transportation

Guidelines for Awarding Motorcycles & Bicycles

  1. Complete a Motorcycle Application including a Motorcycle Cost Form for each motorcycle.
  2. The recipient must be an accountable, indigenous Christian leader, pastor, or evangelist.
  3. The recipient’s work must be significantly enhanced through the use of this motorcycle and must be able to make a greater impact for the Lord and the Gospel.
  4. The recipient must not have any other mechanized means of transportation.
  5. The motorcycle should be titled to a church, nonprofit organization, or an association.
  6. The motorcycle must be purchased in the country where it will be used unless there is prior approval for purchase elsewhere.
  7. The money is solely for the purpose of purchasing motorcycles or bicycles and cannot be used for any other purpose.

Required Information and Documentation after Receiving Funds

  1. Copies of all invoices associated with the purchase.
  2. A thank you letter from the recipient detailing their gratefulness for this ministry tool.
  3. A picture of the recipient with the motorcycle purchased.
  4. There are four required reports that must be submitted after the motorcycle has been put into service. The reports are to detail the expanded ministry that resulted from the motorcycle being provided. All applicable questions should be answered in the reports.
    • In the past twelve months how many salvations have you experienced in your ministry?
    • If a church planter, how many communities are you prayerfully visiting on a regular basis with the specific view of planting a church there?
    • If an overseer of multiple congregations, how many churches are currently under your oversight?
    • If a pastor/teacher and shepherd of believers, how many people are you currently engaged with in some form of discipleship process or activity?
    • Is there any other way in which use of the motorcycle has impacted your ministry that would be of interest to us? A form for reporting purposes will be emailed to you. Report forms need to be returned by May 1 of every year with the first report being due the calendar year after receiving the motorcycle.
  5. All of the information/documentation above must be scanned and emailed to Missionary Ventures International at motorcycles@mvi.org.

Apply for a Motorcycle
Apply for a Bicycle