We are committed to the advancement of Christian education around the world in partnership with local churches.  Our desire is to invest in and empower Christian schools in forming active disciples of Jesus Christ, equipped to impact society through the development of their spiritual discernment, moral courage, and academic excellence.

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it” – Proverbs 22:6

Our ministries take on unique expressions in different contexts. Check out the following examples...

A School for Alisbell

When Alisbell Ocón was born with Down syndrome, friends and neighbors assumed she would never go to school. In Nicaragua, children with disabilities are often viewed as a burden, because it is assumed others will need to care for them their entire lives. Many families view an education as a needless waste of time and…

The Empty Desk

Too often, Lizzy’s school desk was empty. The teachers would call her name, “Lizzy Paola?” yet there was rarely an answer. She became known around school as the student that hardly ever showed up at class. Like many other young people in Honduras, Lizzy was struggling to find some peace and satisfaction within herself. No…

The Crazy Adventure of Building a School

I love God stories. I’d like to tell you one story that started five years ago when we’d gone to Matagalpa, Nicaragua, to purchase the property for a school […]

Founding a Vocational School in Nicaragua

In 2007, after serving as a teacher at Nicaragua Christian Academy and learning more of Nicaragua’s culture and struggle, missionary Mike Deibert prayed for God’s continued call for him in Nicaragua […]

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