Support the Guatemala Adventure Ride and the work of the Life and Hope Medical Center

Eight men will be riding for five days through Guatemala in support of the life-saving and life-giving work of a critical hospital among the Ixil people. Dr. Juan Pablo Noriega and his wife, Carolina, have worked tirelessly to save lives and improve health and for many years has been transforming a small clinic originally established with the help of Missionary Ventures into a full three-story hospital with a surgical room and ambulance bay. This adventure ride will help complete the next phase of the hospital. The men on the ride have already brought in $12,000 and are still working hard toward the goal of $75,000. They are inviting you to join them to reach the goal.
When you give to support the hospital, you not only offer encouragement to the riders and the Noreigas, but you offer life-saving medical care to the Ixil people and a life-giving opportunity to know hope found only in Christ.