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Missionary Ventures mobilizes Christians for the purpose of cross-cultural missionary service. We believe that God is calling out, from a variety of vocational, educational, or cultural backgrounds, focused and dedicated Christians who are committed to taking the word to the nations. For those called to cross-cultural missionary service, there is great joy in a life lived with reckless abandonment to our Father’s glory and His command to “make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19).

There are two parts of your life you’ll need to examine – your preparedness and your calling.


Your preparedness consists of three major areas in your life; family, health, and finances. 

Ask yourself, do I have any major responsibilities to those who will be left at home (kids in college, parents in nursing home, etc.)? God places a high priority on family responsibility and accountability.   If you are married, ask yourself these questions: Is my spouse just as excited about this as I am?  Does he/she have the same calling?  This needs to be a partnership for both of you to be successful in the field.

Then there is health.  What is the general health of myself and my family?  Are there any chronic conditions or reoccurring illnesses (food or other allergies, emotional concerns, hormonal imbalances, etc.) which could cause problems?  New environments can play havoc on our bodies, even when they are healthy. We do not reject someone on this basis, but it is a consideration and needs to be talked about.

The last point is finance.  Am I in debt?  If yes, how will I fulfill these obligations while on the field?  God wants us to be responsible – if you owe money, you need to have it paid off first. We make consideration for student loans but expect missionary candidates to be free from consumer debt.  God is able to do miracles and if you are called, He can often use this to show you.


The next consideration is your calling.  Our missionaries are multipliers, forming and empowering others to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  They are the ones on the ground, out in the field, making disciples, forming relationships, pioneering new work, and carrying out the mission of Missionary Ventures.  While there is great joy in serving our Lord there are also moments of doubt and uncertainty.  It takes grace, the favor of God, and true grit to walk out a missionary calling.  Do you feel God is calling you to this walk of faith?

Missionary service begins with our personal character; the kind of people we are.  Missionaries need to be people of Christian faith, love, and holiness. They must have a personal and growing experience of the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, so that the image of Jesus Christ is ever more clearly seen in their character and attitudes.

If you feel a calling to missions, and your preparedness lines up, then please talk to us here at Missionary Ventures.  We would love to help you explore your calling, get to know us better, and together determine what God would want for both of us!

Fill out the form below to introduce yourself and take the first step.

Fill out the form below to introduce yourself and take the first step.  We look forward to serving you and your team.