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Little-visited, little-known Paraguay is a country often passed over. From the view of God’s Kingdom, Paraguay is a place to come serve that has always been in sight.

Nestled between Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia, Paraguay is country that frequently gets overlooked. There is no lack of natural beauty or the opportunity to have an unforgettable mission experience within its colonial cities that almost feel frozen in time. Paraguay is also known for its many indigenous tribes that are spread across its biologically diverse landscape.

Norberto Kurrle

Norberto grew up as a missionary kid. His parents and grandparents served in missions in various parts of South America. Since joining Missionary Ventures International in 2002, with his wife Julie, Norberto has been involved in helping pioneer Radio Alternativa and FM station broadcasting hope from Southern Paraguay.

In April of 2012, Norberto lost his wife Julie and his son Timothy in a tragic car accident. He survived with their daughter Anahi, and re-married later in 2015 to Nancy, a Paraguayan.

Overcoming a huge amount of adversity, Norberto serves as professor in several Bible schools. In addition, he coordinates MVI projects and provides leadership to pastors. Norberto and Nancy along with their 4 children are adjusting to a new life together and making new memories. Their hope is to continue serving in Paraguay.

  • Radio station ministry
  • Bible school professor
  • Leadership training
  • Project coordination
  • Evangelism
  • Intern opportunities