Let children discover and live out the Great Commission today

With a long-term training programme, ‘Little Hands’ has the potential to make World Mission become part of the DNA of your Church.

Seven Years — One Project

Little Hands offers a seven-year monthly-based programme free of charge with more than 80 lessons about mission and resources for Children’s teachers. We start with the most basic questions about mission covering Old and New Testament, the early Church and the leaders of modern mission. The next generation has the potential to be more mission-minded than ever!

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With our App you will have free access to our seven year programme with more than 80 lessons about mission and complementary material such as activities for each lesson and stories from contemporary missionaries around the globe.

Translation project

We are looking for sponsors to help us cover the cost for the translation of our 7 Study Guides from Spanish into English. This is a key step to be able to reach out to thousands of English-speaking churches around the Globe, as well as facilitate its translation into more languages.

Make a contribution and help us translate a book!

— The translation cost per book is $1000 —
Study Guide 1: Abc of Mission
Study Guide 2: In the beginning...
Study Guide 3: Jesus and the Early Church
Study Guide 4: Paul's missionary trips
Study Guide 5: First missionaries
Study Guide 6: Awaking of modern mission
Study Guide 7: Acts 29